Friday, March 7, 2008

Books and Blizzards

Water main break. Sink hole. Blizzard. Yes, I’ve encountered all of those in the last 12 hours. All in the name of book promotion. Despite the conditions, I had a great time in Cleveland. Andrea Vecchio and Eileen McShea from “Good Company” on WKYC were fantastic! We discussed mompreneurs, like Meredith Liepelt (featured in the book), are proof that women with successful inventions are everywhere. All it takes is knowing yourself and your passions, and taking action. For more, check out the segment.

And thanks to Anngela, a former business owner who will be one again, for stopping by my book signing at Tower City!


Jason Edwards said...

How funny. That sounds similar to the airport system mess that is a part of my professional life every week! At least it's for something we love right?! Just finished the book, thought it was fantastic and posted on my own blog for all of my students to see. Here's the link:

PS. Holler if you'll ever be speaking in Texas. Hopefully I'll be in the state at the same time. ;)

Jason Edwards said...
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