Friday, September 5, 2008

The Power of the Purse in Real Estate

Real Living has been marketing to women for 7 years now! In fact, Real Living was the first women-focused brand in real estate. Why market to women?

• Women make or influence 91% of all home buying decisions.
• Women guide 94% of all home-furnishing purchases.
• Two-thirds of real estate agents are women.
• 78% of engaged women say that while they already have furniture, they’ll replace most or all of it when they marry.

This being said, I presented at the national Marketing to Women (M2W) conference in May about the tremendous purchasing power women hold in this country, but more specifically in real estate. It was a great learning experience! The M2W conference attracts brands from across the country that understand the influence women have as consumers.

M2W asked Real Living to put together a video highlighting more great statistics on the purchasing power of women. It’s now featured on the M2W site. Click here to view the video!


Robin Zaleski said...

Hey Kaira, thanks for the shout out for M2W and M2W E-ssentials!

Kaira Sturdivant Rouda said...

Hi Robin,
M2W is great. I hope to see you there next year!!

Diane MacEachern said...


I've really been enjoying your website and blog. I applaud your efforts to promote green living as part of the whole real estate equation. I'd be honored if you'd list Big Green Purse along with Sierra Club and some of the other resources you provide as a resource to women who visit your website. And I'd love to profile you on my blog. Let me know when we can arrange an interview!